Kildare man fined €3,000 for pretending to be a registered electrical contractor/ electrician

safe electric logoFirst prosecution of this kind in Ireland for person posing as an unregistered electrical contractor

At Dublin District Court , unregistered electrical contractor Peter Knowles from Kildare was found guilty on two counts
  • illegally carrying out restricted electrical work
  • and portraying himself as a registered electrical contractor.

Mr. Knowles was fined €3,000 for pretending to be a registered electrician and carrying out electrical work illegally. This is the first successful prosecution of its kind in Ireland. The offences were prosecuted  under the Electricity Regulation Act, 1999

Since October 2013 it has been a legal requirement for electricians to be approved by the

  • Registered Electrical Contractors of Ireland
  • or the Electrical Contractors Safety & Standards Association.

In addition to the €3,000 fine, €350 (as a contribution to their costs) was awarded to the Commissioner for Energy Regulation (CER) –This is  the body responsible for overseeing safety in the area of electrical contracting.

Commissioner for Safety Paul McGowan said that the case demonstrates “CER’s continued commitment in using its resources to investigate and prosecute unregistered individuals who carry out restricted electrical works or portray themselves as Registered Electrical Contractors”.

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