Electrical Safety

Electrical safety Dublin And wicklow

Electrical safety Dublin And wicklow

Jun 28th 2019, 10:19 PMA MAN WAS electrocuted in Dublin yesterday evening while trying to retrieve a drone from overhead electricity cables.The incident, which led to customers being left without power in the Cabinteely area, saw the man attempt to retrieve his drone from where it was stuck on a power line in a south Dublin park.

Dublin Fire Brigade confirmed that the man was suffering from burns and was treated by ambulance staff.

On Twitter, they warned people to never go near ESB electricity cables.

The power line involved in the incident was a 10,000-volt line.
Following the incident, power supply in the Cabinteely and surrounding areas had to be temporarily suspended. On Twitter, ESB said that the supply was only interrupted for a “short period” and apologised to customers.

In a statement issued to TheJournal.ie, ESB Networks reminded the public to keep well clear of overhead electricity lines; the minimum safe distance is three metres.
The ESB advised that drones shouldn’t be flown near overhead electricity lines, which is the same advice given for fishing and flying kites.
“Never, ever, try to intervene to recover anything that is in contact with electricity wires, or near them, because electricity can jump gaps. Remember that there are no second chances with electricity.
If something happens or you see something unusual, stay clear and immediately call the ESB emergency number: 1850 372 999.

Reporting from Gráinne Ní Aodha

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