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Electrical Services to Dublin And Wicklow

Domestic / Residential

We can cater for all your domestic electrical requirements. 

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Here is just some of the services we offer:

Extra sockets

Extra phone points

Extra T.V. points

Extra lighting points

Security lights

Audio and TV systems

Garden lighting

Attic lights

Fuse board upgrades


New builds & Extensions

Advice in the planning of your projects

Upgrading of kitchens and bathrooms


Replace those trailing leads & cables which can be unsightly and dangerous

Install extra sockets, phone points, TV points where YOU need them.

Heat, smoke & carbon detectors are a must in all homes, we can install one room to multi room systems that are linked to sound the alarm if the need arises.

Fuse board upgrades.


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Audio / Visual

Audio visual

The buzz words a few years ago were “future proof” your home. Thousands of kilometres of data cable, co-axial cable, structured cable and unnecessary cable! were installed in homes throughout Ireland. Its nearly all been superseded by wireless and the “cloud”. Our ambition in installing this equipment, weather its smart T.V.’s, surround sound systems, music systems, blue ray DVD players or trying to guess the future. We never lose sight of what you the client need. There are three point we follow for these installations.

A) your budget.

B) your ability to use the system.

C) how it will sit & suit your home.

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Commercial / Industrial

Labour and property are probably the two biggest expenses a company will have. Energy bills, Certification and maintenance, is where we can help. We can supply advice on keeping your energy bills down, from the type of lighting used to remote switching to shut off areas or appliances over night or at holidays when not needed.

A common problem now is when large open plan offices are sub- divided, large areas of lights may need to be on just to facilitate the lights in a smaller office. These problems can be overcome with occupancy detectors or rewiring of the switching for example. That is why we feel it’s important to get the services right in your business premises from day one.

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Home office

With more and more people working from the home office, and companies realising that they can reduce rented floor space. Getting the right electrical set up is important.

We can help with the set-up when it comes to extra sockets , lights, broadband extensions etc. 

Another service we offer is the installation of  ” check meters” These can count the electrical power consumption in the office, for onward billing. 

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