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With the introduction of Digital TV signals across Europe in the last few years (the Irish one is Saorview). More options are now available to home owners, shops, offices or anywhere else people want TV, than just the SKY or UPC options.

Using a satellite dish,  even an old SKY dish and a  Saorview Ariel it is possible now  to receive free TV in Ireland with all the most popular and common stations  free. RTE, BBC, ITV, C4, C5, TV3 UTV Ireland and hundreds more. These boxes do not show subscription channels E.G. SKY SPORTS- SKY MOVIES etc.

This is achieved by combining both the Irish system (Saorview) & the British System (Freesat). Both these systems are the official systems of their countries and  are in place for the long-term. Normally we combine these 2 systems into the one box. By doing this it cuts down on remote’s and the hassle of changing channels on your TV.

Installing these systems is a one off charge. There are NO contracts, subscriptions or  bills. It can be installed as a 1 room system or in multiple rooms. It can also be installed with a SKY system. I.E.  have your main Sky box in 1 room and install one of our combined boxes in other rooms to allow you to watch “standard TV” There are no additional payments to SKY plus each box can be watched independently like a SKY multi room system.

If you don’t have a SKY system we can install the dish too  or bring an old SKY dish back to life.

More and more people are ditching their subscription TV and opting for our free  TV systems.

We can install these in;

  • private homes
  • offices
  • shops
  • mobile homes
  • holiday homes
  • houses to be Let
  • Building Foyers
  • Bed & breakfast’s

If you would like any more information please feel free to contact us.

Regards Ed




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