Electricians in Dublin & Wicklow

Electricians Dublin Wicklow

Electricians Dublin Wicklow


Qualified Electricians

We are an electrical contractor who operates in Dublin and Wicklow. We can facilitate all your electrical needs.  Our primary aims are high standards and customer satisfaction. We achieve this by employing  experienced qualified Electricians.

We offer  free pricing and advice for your projects in the Dublin and Wicklow area. Even with an architect involved with your  building project from the start it is still advisable to talk to Tradesmen who will give you expert hands on advice.

Having worked on some of the most exclusive housing developments over the last 10 years in Dublin and Wicklow, We can guarantee a high-end product.

Unlike most other trades, most of the electrical installation is hidden inside walls floors ceilings etc. But  getting your electrical install correct is vitally important. Think of all the things you do during the day that involve power…….charging your phone, laptops, Hoovers, hair-dryers, kettles, lighting etc. Having all off these things in convenient places will make life that bit easier.

We have access to multiple ranges of switches and socket accessories to suit all budgets, styles and situations, and more important over 25 years of hands on experience.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to arrange a meeting or site visit.
Regards Ed

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