The Importance of using a registered electrician

The Improtance of using a registered electrician

As of  1st October  2013. Only registered electrician’s may carry out electrical work in your home. This excludes minor works (fitting new lights where one exists already,  replacing a damaged light switch etc.)

Some  advantages  of using a registered electrician are;

  • They must be insured
  • They are evaluated every year by their governing body.
  • They must complete electrical testing and competency courses.Unfortunately there are a lot of people who may be electricians but are not registered. These people do not have to follow or conform to any of the industry standards, and may not even know about changes being made to the regulations.


2 ways to check if you electrician is registered;

1. Ask them if they can issue a certificate for the work. You are entitled to this as a customer (do not pay until you receive it)

2. Ask which of the 2 governing bodies they are affiliated with ( ECSSA or RECI). Both of these have websites with a list of ALL the companies/ electricians they have registered.

Electricity is a dangerous force. It is in all our interests to only have competent registered people doing the work. Bad electric work can cause a fire or kill. And your insurance company may walk away if you can not prove you used a registered contactor.

If you suspect an individual or company may not be registered you can complain on the SAFE ELECTRIC IRELAND website.

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