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Sound Systems

Sound systems

We can supply & fit sound systems or fit a system you supply. Although there are some wireless speaker systems out there, most speakers still need cabling back to the amplifer.

These can vary from stereo (2.0), to stereo & bass bin (2.1), 4 surround speakers 1 centre speaker & bass bin (5.1), there are also 7.1 systems. I know sounds like a foreign language, let us translate it for you and explain it all in simple terms.

We can help you decide which system suits both you and your home best. Let us help.

Light Control Systems

Lighting controls

The lighting markets are changing on a near daily basis with ever more inventive lighting solutions coming to market. These can range from keypads on walls to remote controls to apps on your phone to control everything.

We can offer lighting systems that dim down slowly over a couple of hours (maybe a nursery?) or even¬†geographical clocks that will bring your lights on automatically and adjust to the daylight of the seasons. Whatever you can think of for your lighting solution, it’s probably on the market already and we can provide it for you.¬†

Your lighting solutions for your home, office or home-office, is really only limited by your imagination.

Satellite TV / Free Sat

Satellite systems

By combining the Irish Saorview & the British equivalent, both operated by RTE, BBC & ITV we can offer a TV system that will give you all the major Irish & U.K. channels subscription for free. The system is recognised and completely legitimate, delivering channels to your TV Set for free.

These system can be installed in homes as stand alone systems or combine them with your existing SKY deal to give you T.V. in other rooms with no subscription or extra phone points required.

Projection Systems

Projection systems

These systems are becoming more popular as the costs for the equipment drops. Domestic projectors are much small than a few years ago. They also have the ability to take HDMI inputs which in turn gives a much better picture, plus most of them now can also project in 3D.

Why stop at a 42 inch T.V. when now you can have a screen the size of a whole wall?

Audio / Visual Installations

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